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Howell Locksmith Store Howell, NJ 732-366-9364I lost my car keys ’ is a phrase we hope you never have to utter. No matter how careful we’re being, though, there’s always a chance we could lose our car keys or misplace them. Getting new replacements cut can be a trial – you have to get in touch with your car dealer to initiate proceedings. Your dealer will then ask for your details and a significant amount of money from you before they go about programming new keys for your car. It can take a lot of time and money to get a key from them. Is there another option? Yes, there is! You can get new keys made from Howell Locksmith Store instead.

Howell Locksmith Store is a professional automotive locksmith that has been helping vehicle owners with all their locksmithing needs for a decade, now. We can craft high-quality replacements in a short span of time 24/7 in all areas of Howell, NJ. What’s more, we don’t charge as much as the dealership does.

I’ve lost my keys, what do I do?

We get a lot of calls from panicked customers asking our customer care representatives “I lost my car keys , can you help?” If you’ve lost your keys, don’t panic – our experts will craft you new replacements in a short span of time. All you have to do is pick up the phone (or your smartphone) and contact us. Just explain the situation to our operator and we’ll send a team nearest your location over to you quickly.

What kind of keys can I get from you?

I lost my car keys with remote, can you get me a replacement?” is another common question our experts get asked often. If you lost your keys that have a remote on them, you can get a replacement from us. We can make all kinds, including:

  • Standard keys: These are rare these days and are used by older vehicles, crafter during the early 1990s and earlier.
  • Remotes: We can make remotes. We can program a brand new remote to work with your vehicle.
  • Smart keys: Finally, we can also craft a smart or transponder car key.

24/7 service

Are you thinking “I lost my car keys in the middle of the night, how will I get out of the trouble?” or something along those lines? Our automotive locksmiths are available 24/7 – including at midnight or during early morning hours!

Call us now on 732-366-9364 !